Sunday, 3 May 2015


How is your day going?
It’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK. Which means it’s raining!
Wife, got called into work but thats Ok we are going to my daughters for dinner.
Er No! She is not feeling well. Change of plan.
Phone rang.”A mink” has moved onto your boat! A what! We have a small boat on The Kennet and Avon Canal a few kilometers south from home.
Now this is not the USA. I do not have a high powered rifle. Even if I had I wouldn’t. You know what I mean. I am thinking furry rats. Bait. The only chocolate we have is my wife’s uneaten Easter Egg. I set off thinking. Here minky minky! No. These are American mink. Howdy Mr mink? Yogi Bear! Smarter than the average bear! keeps going round my head.
Nervously I eat some chocolate. Harry Potter!
When I get there he has gone! Moved on. Not before he has left me many presents. Hm next time raisons. I brush and wash the floors. Yes! Dear with bleach.
Dinner? We have some broccoli in the fridge. Broccoli and Stilton soup? All right broccoli and Danish Blue soup.
Peel and roughly chop an onion. In a pan with water. Roughly chopped broccoli in steamer above. Heat say thirty minutes. Cool. Blend. When you reheat add the cheese.
I am starting some more seeds.
When dealing with very small seeds I use a plastic chop stick we got free from Uncle Ben.
I open a bottle of wine and have a drink. I deserve it!

Only then do I realize I left the Easter Egg on the boat!

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