Friday, 22 May 2015


A long time ago, ‘Fish on Friday’ would mean the overnight lorry from Grimsby or Hull. In those days my family ran a fish and chip shop. The fresh cod and haddock would be delivered in the night.Kept cool on ice. Later on we changed to frozen at sea. Somehow getting a couple of blocks of cod  out of the cold room was never quite the same.
Today it means a live fish delivery.
I have decided to add some Mirror Carp to the main tank. This is the first time I have bought fish online. 
I bought  15 Mirror Carp from a well known Carp Co. This morning the driver texted me to confirm they would be delivered within the next hour.
On time my wife signed for a large box and placed it prominently on the living room floor. Bless!
Now at home I carried it through to the garden. Inside the twin oxygen filled bags the Carp were all alive. I floated the bag on the surface of the tank and had a cup of tea. This would allow the temperatures to equalise.
After about 30 minutes I removed the rubber bands and gradually added water from the tank. They immediately swam away to the darkest corner of the tank.
Delivery was right day right place and on time. I am happy with the service and would buy again.
They are slowly venturing out of the dark corners and exploring the tank.
Hanging around the SLO, and going with the flow.
Sorry couldn't resist that awful pun.
Bed with no supper. The tank is now closed up for the night.

Breakfast will be fun.

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