Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Ben asked me to post some photos of my system.
All water supply pipes are 22 mm push fit. The GB are animal troughs from E bay. They are drained by 21.5 mm waste bulk head fittings. Warmth and effort and you can, connect the two together.
The top shelf holds two filters. Both constructed from plastic storage boxes and then painted black.
The first is a 3 stage pre filter.  £1 shop heaven! Cheap plastic dust pan brushes ( with the handles cut off) The a 50 meter roll of gutter- guard . Then scourer pads!
Stage two is a bio filter The water trickles through holes drilled in a 22mm pipe. Through various multi fibre clothes and the base is filled with plastic bottle tops and Rawlplugs.

The LED light are only for additional lighting. These shelves are in the entrance to a shed and only get light from the front.
They are 10 Watt R/B spectrum cost £7 and waterproof. You get what you pay for!!
I love the ‘Purple Haze” at night!

The FT is a standard UK loft cold water tank. Price was right at £10 second hand. It was an exact fit for the space I had. 5 cm insulation under the cladding. I am unsure if I would buy again. There are baffles inside. The tank is centre drain. Fingerlings do not create the movement to move waste to the drain. OK  with the small power head or bigger fish.
However this is a particularly good photo of the anti-jump netting. Plastic cut to size.

The photo from the front also shows the fruit pot. In here I have three dwarf Raspberry canes and in the vertical tube Strawberries.

At the moment this is all connected to the main system.
When I introduce new fish into the system I drop an additional pump into this FT. Switch off the feed from the main system. The additional pump then feeds into the 3 stage filter etc. This reduces the water level in this FT and isolates  this part of the system. I can then add salt etc as required.

Not seen but I have a plastic curtain that I can drop from top to bottom in the winter.

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