Thursday, 30 April 2015


My NFT system is four two meter square line drain pipes running into a 110 mm soil pipe. All standard UK fittings.
At the moment I would gladly burn it!
I cut four square holes into the 110 mm to accept the square tubes.
An accuracy of +/- 1 cm.
Not good enough! It leaks!
I tested it on max water flow. No problems!
However when I adjusted the individual flows to between one and two liters per minute ( Ideal)
Water creep!
Drizzles Drops and Drips.
Now one drip can lose 20 to 40 liters per day.
Constant top up will throw my PH. Disaster!
Duck Tape. Do you call four rolls; Flock Tape?
Yes! I am a grown man and spending my day drinking tea and watching Duck Tape joints to see if it leaks.
I am dreaming leaks! The only time I stop thinking about leaks is,... When I take a leak!
Yesterday I spent two hours making a fitting. I cut and filled an exact square hole in a shroud to except a female fitting which I then glued in place.
This morning I glued this shroud ( fish safe silicone) to the 110 mm pipe.
This is the bottom pipe and the good news is it doesn't leak.
Same again for pipe three tomorrow!
Not worth the F***** Trouble

To add insult to injury, I also have a slug that is eating my lettuce plants!
I go out at night with a torch but cannot catch the little devil!
I am trialling red/blue spectrum LED lights at the moment. So What the neighbors think of me late at night with a torch in a purple lit garden I don’t know!

I have laid a trap for him with larger. The slug not the neighbour! Perhaps he is a bitter drinker!
Obsessive? Me? No!
I just need to lie down.

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