Saturday, 11 April 2015

Grelos de Santiago

The small plant in the fore ground is Grelos. Grelos de Santiago.
I bought it on E bay Espana.
It is grown all over northern Spain and is a key ingredient in Caldo de Galicia.
This is a rich stew of pork, beans and potatoes.
Grelos is a member of the turnip family. However it is grown for it’s leaves not the tubar. They add a Kale type strength and bitterness to this stew.
When I have cooked this stew here in the UK I have substituted kale.
I am impatient to try this, once again but with the real thing.
To the English eye Grelos looks like Brussell sprouts.
A thick central stem, but instead of the, baby cabbages, broad leaves.
It is a pick and come again vegetable.
On the,” Camino”
A pilgrimage to the cathedral in Santiago it was a common sight. The thick stem, sometimes three centimeters wide with the broad dark green leaves flanked our journey.
At night in soup or stew a staple.
Roast beef? London.
Pasta? Roma.

Grelos? Galica the Camino!

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