Saturday, 25 April 2015


This will be my last post on Spinach.
 I took this photo this afternoon just before we picked some for tonights dinner.
It is perpetual Spinach. We are now self sufficient. A continual supply of fresh greens for salads and other dishes.
However this particular harvest is not destined to join a salad.
Butter,flour and milk. A standard white sauce. I make it a bit thicker than normal and then add grated cheese. Our choice cheddar. I then scoop out the centre of a tomato and fill it with the creamed cheesy spinach mixture.
In the past I have always added grated nutmeg to spinach. It softens the sometime metallic taste. I find I am adding less to the AP spinach. I don’t know if this is because of an iron deficiency in my system or simply because it is fresher.

Fill the tomatoes. Bake for about thirty minutes.


Unknown said...

When you say self-sufficient, do you mean in spinach or generally vegetable wise? :-)

Chris said...

I wish! No just enough spinach to keep Popeye happy!