Monday, 19 January 2015


I said that Dangerous Dave had talked about Samphire.
By chance that night on the TV was a program about Samphire. It is harvested wild here in salt marsh estuaries. However the season is very short. No more than six weeks in the summer. I got excited.
So I ordered some seeds. One thing leads to another, as God said to Moses when he handed him the four commandments!
I didn’t want to compromise my main system with added salt.It might interfere with the fruit pot. This is a major part of this years plan.
So I am in the process of adding an additional indoor system. An IBC cut 1/3; 2/3 rds. However because it is indoors it will require grow lights. This is a new facet of aquaponics for me. Lots, of reading.
This also required an improvement to the main system. A new RFF filter, sump and probably new Bio filter. This will also change the layout of the watercress NFT tubes. So the Pot bellied stove on the patio had to be moved.
“One of those corner outdoor sofa’s would look good there” she said. Now that you have moved the heater.
Hmm. Could have just gone to the supermarket and bought some Samphire!

As the song says, “Hopelessly addicted to aquaponics.”

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