Monday, 5 January 2015

Aquaponics UK- Looking Back

I know it’s not original but New Year is a time for looking back and forward.
I was updating you slowly but the cold nights and the frost intervened.
So lets describe the aquaponics system as it stands.
Two fish tanks; one IBC with four adult Rainbow trout and a 225 ltr (loft cold water ) tank with 30 Perch fingerlings.
This is supported ( connected) to two 225 ltr olive barrels.
One is a sump tank with the pump.
The  other is an RFF.
I have one 250 ltr grow bed ( top one third of an IBC). A 60 ltr tub ( fruit pot) and two 40 ltr  grow beds.
 In total 390 ltrs of clay pebble filed grow beds.
In addition I have a 25 ltre pre-filter and 40 ltr bio-filter.
This system is run from a 5000 ltr/hr pump in the sump tank.
It is controlled by a timer and runs 15/45 24hrs per day.
I have a ‘pond frost free’ heater in the sump tank. 150 W it is on constantly.
In addition I have a 300 W aquarium heater in the Perch tank.
I have a 30 ltr/min air pump supplying the two fish tanks.
A solar powered air pump in the IBC.
A battery backup air pump for the IBC.
In the main GB I have left over tomatoes. Spinach, Chard and various Brassicas.
In the fruit pot three raspberry plants and six strawberry plants.
In the 40 ltr tubs ( which I call the shelves) half a dozen Kale and about 20 watercress.
 I have tried to standardize on 22mm pipes for water supply and 40mm pipes for discharge.
Not always possible. The IBC was in place and filled when I realized I needed to run a pipe behind it. All I could fit was a 32mm with adapters. Planning ahead, would have solved this problem.
The loft tank is well insulated with foil 50mm insulation.

The IBC less so with foil bubble wrap, again, planning ahead would have solved this problem.

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