Saturday, 24 January 2015

FILTERS - Part One

One of the first things you can do to the water in an AP system to improve it is fit a solids separator. 
You can use centrifugal force in a ‘Swirl’ or Vortex filter  or just gravity in a Radial Flow Filter. In a RFF filter the water flows UP the pipe and is then directed DOWN by the flow separator. Gravity assists and the solids collect at the bottom. The cleaner water exits higher up. The solids can then be removed through the discharge pipe as required.
To build this I first cut an approximately 10 cm hole in the top using a drill and a jig saw. 
To secure the water cooler bottle to the work bench I used bungee cords.

The next job, using a 40mm hole saw was to cut the inlet and outlet holes.
Fit the bulkhead fittings using washers and ‘fish safe’ silicone.
 I used a pop bottle with the top cut off for the flow separator. The main problem was fixing and supporting the weight. In the end I used heavy duty cable ties  through the handle of the water cooler bottle to secure to the frame of the IBC. A 110mm pipe cut to length also supports the weight. I cut a hole in this to accommodate the discharge pipe. Temporary piping. Prior to the next modification hence the ‘spaghetti’

I am more than happy with it! You can literately watch the solids falling to the bottom.

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