Friday, 8 April 2016


I have been so busy with various things and found little time to post.
The on going construction of the round NFT tubes has progressed and I have now done the water integrity tests.
 More on this later
The trout are feeding and growing well. I have noticed a marked difference in size. Some are now twice the size of their tank mates. What to do? I tried using two types of food. Larger floating food to attract the big guys The smaller sinking food for the small ones. This worked to a degree but in the end I decided to add a smaller grading tank.
Just to recap. The tank is a 250L UK cold water tank. A 1400L pump raises the water to a home made Pre-filter. A simple three stage plastic box with a combination of £1 shop plastic brushes and pan scourers. This feeds to a home made bio filter. Bottle tops/rawl plugs and K1. This then flows through a UV light Clarifier. ( This is turned off at the moment) I then diverted 40% of this water through a cheap 80L plastic box. A simple 40mm SLO and it exits into the main tank through a separate pipe. Therefore two pipes splashing into the main FT creating oxygen. The third inlet into this FT is fed from the main system on 15/45. Through a bottom drain detritus is swept out of the bottom drain into a GB.
I moved four of the smaller trout into the grading tank.
The imprint of the old “pecking order” stayed for a while but they are now hitting their food regularly. I feed them the smaller pellets and think that leftovers will be swept, downstream.
Trout are jumpers. Hence the plastic netting.

Grading Tank

Crucian Carp
The other main event was the addition of the new Crucian Carp. Again more later but I did want to share the photo

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