Friday, 25 March 2016


At last the first hints of spring. Although the winter has been mild not much happens. I have a small 30 watt heater in the sump tank. I aim to keep the water in the Fish tanks above 4*C so a juggling act between weather forecast and switching the heater on. Temperature variations above 2*C per day can stress the fish.
This year for the first time I planted winter Broad beans. My gardening friend said he planted one for him and one for the mice. As a comparison I planted some in the earth garden. About 80% casualties. So very hungry mice. The difference in the AP system is striking as you can see from the photos.
The main reason for the winter planting is to avoid black fly. This can be troublesome with later planting.
After talking to my gardening friend about broad beans I said I would go to the garden centre to buy some seeds. OH No he said. Go to Ron’s Stores in Rodbourne Swindon Wiltshire. They sell them loose. Ron’s Stores is an Aladdin's cave. A true old fashioned ironmonger. They do indeed sell them loose. A quarter pint or a half or a full pint. Imperial measures like these disappeared years ago in the UK. My quarter pint £0.6  were wrapped in a brown paper bag. The measures are older than I am and possibly valuable antiques.

Sometimes you encounter an old tradition that brightens up your whole day.

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