Thursday, 28 January 2016


I spend, a lot of time sat at my kitchen table. It is the centre of my universe.
Over endless cups of tea the fortunes and misfortunes of our family are discussed at length.It is the backdrop for the majority of photos I post on this and other sites.
The table is round.
Our chosen positions vary. This adds to its attraction. There is no head of table to lecture from or bottom of table to be banished to.
3 O clock has the best view of the TV, but  also the closest to the sink and the dishwasher.
 9 O clock is closest to the cooking side.
Once nine has served the dinner three better think about clearing the dishes.
Sat at nine I could see the comforting light of the UV filter.
Shining in these cold wet January nights. All is well. The pumps are running. Fish are fine.
I no longer needed the UV light and decided to switch it off.
The dark January nights somehow seemed to creep closer to the round table.
Your thoughts turn to comfort food. Let’s be honest things mum used to cook.
Long, long ago in a camp in a very cold land my wife’s family survived on Babka. Today we eat it because we like it.
The recipe varies. Tonight. Two slices of pork belly. Diced as finely as I can be bothered. A couple of rasher of smoked bacon. Low heat. Do not add oil let the fat render out of the pork. Fry till crispy. Add the bacon towards the end. Set aside
Meanwhile Peel and grate about seven medium potatoes. Also one large onion.
I then put these into a plastic carrier bag. Add two eggs seven tablespoons of flour. Salt and pepper. The now cooled meat and rendered fat. Mix.
Turn out into a suitable baking tin. Bake for about an hour.
Slice and enjoy with your favorite pickles.
Add a small red/blue LED light to the pump circuit.

Comfort food

Purple Babka

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