Tuesday, 26 January 2016


The ruler descended at the close of  each and every  final syllable.
Amamas, amatis amant. I can still feel the smarting in my right hand.
Learning Latin a long time ago came with real time physical feedback.
Never have a use for this dead language! 
How wrong I was.
A wet cold afternoon. The remains of some American storm. Jonas?
Why can’t we have our own storms?
Almost without thinking I pull into a garden centre.
I want some Mealey worms for the birds.
£1.99/100grms thats nearly twenty quid per kilo! I must be mad.
I wander round the plastic storage boxes.
That CD storage box at £4.99 could make a three stage filter.
Or an inclined plane fines filter.
I am deliberately delaying the final moment. To heighten the pleasure.
The seed display.
I love seeds. One look at a Tumbler Fi Hybrid package and I can really see them in my garden.
My eyes are drawn to the bargain bin.
all reduced to £0.7 
Many are Italian seeds. In Italian!

Mr Murphey. Forgive me and; Thank you!

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