Monday, 6 July 2015


We sailed the boat down to Devizes on Friday. A boat on an English canal travels at around 7 Km/hour. Walking speed. Time to think.Shake the concerns of the World and relax. Watch baby ducks skimming the water surface, to get back to Mum.
Drink tea!
Smoke a cigar!
There are no locks between Pewsey and Devizes but there are two swing bridges.
A swing bridge allows light traffic. Pedestrians and cattle to cross the canal.
Constructed of Oak this is a heavy structure. Normally chained. So only boat owners with the BW ( British Waterways) key or a LOCK handle can open it.
Imagine an old fashioned car staring handle. This is a lock key. Sized to wind lock gates or open swing bridges.
By choice my wife chooses to operate the locks and swing bridges.
I sit on the boat!
Smoking my cigar and sipping my Mojito.
Initially I felt guilty watching her struggling with heavy lock gates and swing bridges.
Many other female partners choose to do the heavy lifting! I watch middle aged women running, lock handle in hand, whilst their male partners steer the boat.
On the boat twenty feet down in Bath deep lock.Wet,cold and dripping. The sky a small blue oblong above you. I understood.

That little bit of bent metal in your hands empowers you.

We have been to The Devizes Beer Festival many times.
This was their sixteenth year. “ Sweet sixteen”
Organized by CAMRA ( The campaign for real ale) it is beer drinkers heaven.
You need to book online well in advance. They sell out very quickly.
You get an inscribed glass mug. This is your entrance ticket.
This year I lost count of the number of beers available.
Now this is real ale. A living breathing drink.
Two stand out.

White Gypsy(Tipperary Ireland)
Dubhain stout(ABV5.2%) - Classic dry Irish stout.Nice on cask. “ Hello darkness my old friend. I’ve come to talk to you again”


Waterloo (Devizes Wiltshire) ABV 4-0%
A special from our local brewer that manages to celebrate the 1974 Eurovision song Contest, a station and a battle, all in one.

Beer. Cigar. Reggae music and Chinese take away. Bliss.
Sailing home on Sunday. Roast Beef and all the trimmings at, The Barge Inn, Honey Street. The perfect end to a wonderful weekend.

I forgot to mention, “The Vaults in Devizes” Our Friday night began here. Our first visit. NOT our last!
Discover. Enjoy.

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