Tuesday, 28 July 2015


The planned changes to the system are quite large. So I have decided where possible to break it down into component parts.
The new bio filter is a modification rather than a completely new build.
The only parts I did not have were the 110 mm boss pipe and the 40 mm rubber bungs that connect to it. In a perfect world the drain would be at the bottom. I added a little bit of pipe to the L bend inside. No need to drill extra holes.
Gutter guard cut to shape and cable tied forms the bottom media holder.
The top is a sandwich of gutter guard and pan scourers.
The design is called an, Up flow bio filter.
Water enters at the top and falls to the bottom. Collecting  oxygen as it falls. It rises within the body of the filter through the gutter guard and into the K1 media section. This floats when new. As bio slime develops it becomes neutrally buoyant. Holding this in place is the scourer pad sandwich. It then exits through the side 40 mm pipe.
The 22 mm pipe at the bottom is for cleaning. Turn off main flow. Open 22 mm valve to waste. Drain down. Close one open the other tap.

 Once completed I put the whole filter assembly into the sump. This will start the process of conditioning. 

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