Friday, 12 June 2015


Several days of warmer weather have brought a few challenges.
The temperature in the shed was 20*C yesterday evening and I was a bit surprised to find the air pump had cut out. Switched it off. When touched it was hot. I let it cool for a few hours and it restarted OK. A thermal cut out. To operate at around 20*C seems a bit on the low side to me. I will have to monitor it.
The inside Ft touched 17*C and the Trout are off their food. Carp and Perch on the other hand very happy. As you can see from the not very good photo.
Although the main pump runs 15/45 I tweak it a bit. It is now set to run a bit longer in the night. When it is cooler. Less in the heat of the day.
All the plants seem to be doing well. Some of the cucumber leaves are a bit yellow So I have increased the amount of liquid sea weed fertilizer I am adding. That accounts for the brownish tinge to the water.

Thunder storms forecast. I wonder if fish react to them?
Mirror Carp Fingerlings

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