Tuesday, 21 February 2017


This bed is the middle of a three stack, above watercress below Samphire. I planted the garlic before Christmas. I read somewhere that garlic adapts to local growing conditions. So second year planting is always better. The cloves I planted came from .’earth grown’ garlic about two feet away. So local.
If you look closely at the photo you may see watercress from the bed above seeding itself. I plan to transplant this to other parts of the system.
Day after day the system simply works. It almost boring.
I have built a growing machine.

Long ago my parents had a fish and chip shop.
I grew up with tons of potatoes and stones of fish.
The weight(s) of childhood.
So I know a little about fish batter.
We watched one of those ***** chef on TV.
He was cooking onion rings in, Gin and Tonic batter.
I am too mean to waste gin. So just tonic.
Once a chip pan would have been common in UK kitchens but times change.
Banished to the garden with our electric deep fryer.
Under the purple haze of the useless LED grow lights I now use for pure amusement. I cook.... squid rings! Calamar Al La Romano
What fun! what crispy batter!
Supermarket tonic water and plain flour. slightly thicker than normal.

Try it!

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